WY-TO Group

Singapore, Central, Singapore

Guided by our philosophy, “Design with A Cause”, WY-TO Group goes beyond to create valued experiences through urban landscapes, visual communication, exhibition spaces, cultural curation and heritage conservation.

The fundamental basis to consciously design for The People and The Planet has propelled our full-service endeavours and inspired our Partners all over Europe and Asia. We design, innovate and pioneer solutions with the vision to influence behaviour and build an inclusive atmosphere for a resilient future. It is with this purpose that our Team is committed to advocating for transformative techniques that reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. Dedicated to our cause, we frequently participate in opportunities on social initiatives and nurture the next generation of empathic designers.

The combined desire for a sustainable world has informed our methodologies and collaborative spirit. Our tailor-fit formulas both meet needs and respect the natural context to promote green energy.

Committed to enriching lives in our interventions, our sights are set to collaborate on the mitigation of societal global challenges in urbanism and the Built Environment. Joining this Cause is Provolk architects, the Group’s valued Singapore Partner since 2021.

We believe that only by grounding inventive approaches together with humanity and responsible use of resources can solutions be made relevant in existing habitats.